TUF Blog: Josh Parisian Part 9

On this week’s episode, Team Gastelum all got matching tattoos to represent the memory of the awesome opportunity to be on The Ultimate Fighter, as well as the bond and friendship that was built between each other.

Well, all except Marciea. At the time, we had no idea why she wasn’t coming with us to the tattoo parlor, but when we returned, she let us know that she had a flight booked to leave the house early. Mostly because of the tension between her and Maurice, she felt uncomfortable living in the house, so we had a team meeting and talked her out of leaving by helping her realize how much she’d be wasting a great opportunity that could open doors for her in her career.

This week’s fight showed Michel Batista, who had beaten me in the first round, and Justin Frazier. After my fight, we realized that Michel baits people into pressing him into the cage before dropping for a takedown. So, the coaches built a game plan for Justin that worked beautifully and won him the fight.

Had Batista won, it would have gave him more credibility and wouldn’t have made my loss look as bad, but honestly, after getting to know Justin as a person and hearing his story, I wanted Justin to win much more than I wanted him losing to benefit me.


De retour dans les coulisses, Donald Cerrone réagit après être devenue le combattant de l'UFC possédant le plus grand nombre de victoires dans l'histoire de l'organisation à l'événement Fight Night Denver.
De retour dans les oculisses, l'entraîneur de Yair Rodriguez, Izzy Martinez, a discuté de l'impressionnante victoire du poids plume à l'événement Fight Night Denver.
Écoutez la réaction de Yair Rodriguez dans l'Octogone à la suite de sa victoire en combat principal de l'événement Fight Night Denver.
Écoutez la réaction de Donald Cerrone dans l'Octogone à la suite de sa victoire à l'événement Fight Night Denver où il est devenu le leader de l'UFC pour le plus grand nombre de victoires.