TUF Blog: Marciea Allen Part 9

It’s the first semifinal fight, and Justin really set the momentum for Team Gastelum. I’m honored to have trained with Justin and to see his progress throughout the season was truly motivational.

This week’s episode also shows Team Gastelum getting a TUFC 28 tattoo. I was the only team member that did not get a tattoo. People asked if I regret not getting a tattoo and I can honestly admit that I’m okay with not getting one.

The majority of my teammates already had multiple tattoos and me, I have one. For my own selfish reasons I opted out.

I also made a decision to go home and spoke to the producers about why I made the decision ahead of time. I must admit I was personally caught up in my feelings and wanted nothing more but to leave.

I really did appreciate Pannie and Bea putting together the team meeting. That alone showed how much they truly cared, and hearing the rest of the team speak just reassured me everything was going to be okay.

Despite it being a reality show, I must admit everything you see is not staged and was completely genuine.


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